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The Skin Care Phoenix Men And Women Are Talking About

There is a wide range of skin care services and products that are offered today. More than ever before, people are looking for quality skin care treatments they get results. One of the best ways to ensure that you achieve your own personal goals with regard to skin care and skin care treatments is to work with a trusted and respected name. NEOS MedSpa is a dependable and reliable source for Phoenix skin care. Few spas in the region can compare in terms of effective results, affordability and friendly service.

Avoiding Side Effects Of Drugs And Other Types Of Prescription Treatments

Laser acne treatment is one example of quality treatment that is intended to treat acne without the use of drugs. The treatment is unique in that it actually addresses the root cause of acne resulting in impressive improvements in skin quality. Avoiding side effects of drugs and other types of prescription type treatments is often considered the preferred way to treat acne. The best Phoenix acne treatment is literally just a phone call away when patients contact NEOS MedSpa, enjoying improved skin appearance and healthier skin overall, simply means working with the right skin care spa.

Oil-Producing Glands Known As Sebaceous Glands

Medical type lasers are unique in that they deliver pulsing beams of light that radiate through the skin to target oil-producing glands known as sebaceous glands. This is the core of where acne originates. When laser light is converted into a gentle and nondestructive heat it serves to disable sebaceous glands thereby reducing oil production. In addition, this treatment is effective at eliminating bacteria that dwells in skin pores. Best of all, the treatment is so effective that virtually no surrounding skin is affected.

Penetrating Dermal Skin Layers To Create New Dermal Type Collagen

Other benefits of choosing laser treatment with regard to addressing acne issues are that reductions in scar tissue are also possible. The laser effectively works to elevate pitted and depressed skin areas to reduce the appearance of scars. The laser also works by penetrating dermal skin layers to create new dermal type collagen. This serves to elevate low areas and depressions in and around facial skin. Acne treatment Phoenix patients have come to rely upon is readily available and simply requires contacting NEOS MedSpa for more information on this innovative and state-of-the-art treatment option.

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