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A Scottsdale Weight Loss Clinic That People Are Talking About

It seems that losing weight is on just about everyone’s mind today. With more and more people hoping to lose a substantial amount of weight, new techniques, procedures, diets and strategies arise, all offering to provide exceptional weight loss. However, with that said, there are only a very few programs that offer genuine weight loss that is natural and healthy. NEOS MedSpa is a source for weight loss in Scottsdale that gets real and measurable results.

One Pound Each And Every Day

The program stands-out as a highly effective natural alternative to weight loss and is known as HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Medical professionals are hailing this program as one of the most effective methods of all-natural weight-loss available today. Patients can expect dramatic results with some people losing as much as one pound each and every day. In addition, there are cases of patients losing in excess of 30 pounds per month. Most importantly, the HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is designed to target stubborn fat located in problem areas such as stomach and hips.

A Doctor May Require A Blood Test

One of the ways to increase the effectiveness of this particular type of weight loss is to integrate a healthy diet into an overall lifestyle. This includes the consumption of healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables as well as an increased intake of dietary fiber. When these healthy alternatives are combined with the HCG program the results can be quite astounding. It is important to note that everyone’s results will be different with regard to this type of diet as well as any other type of diet. In addition, a doctor may require a blood test and a general health assessment prior to approving a patient to participate in this type of diet.

A Relaxing And Inviting Atmosphere That Is Both Luxurious And Comfortable

NEOS MedSpa began offering services in the Phoenix metropolitan area in 2002. The spa specializes in a wide range of other services along with effective weight loss. NEOS MedSpa offers everything from laser hair removal to botox treatments and spider vein treatment. NEOS MedSpa provides a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that is both luxurious and comfortable. New patients can experience a welcoming facility that serves Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler and all of Phoenix. Few spas compare in terms of gracious treatment and outstanding results.

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