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The Laser Hair Removal Tempe Men And Women Expect

Quality hair removal that is effective is not as hard to find as most people may imagine. In fact, with recent advances in technology and especially laser technology, effective hair removal is more affordable, efficient and convenient than it has ever been. Working with a trusted and respected hair removal spa such as NEOS MedSpa is a great way to ensure that all your hair removal needs are met in the most professional and efficient way possible. NEOS MedSpa is a reliable source for quality laser hair removal in the Tempe area.

Complete And Adequate Removal

Lasers have proven to be one of the best permanent hair reduction and removal systems on the market today. They work by selectively targeting specific hair follicle and then eradicating those follicles so that permanent hair removal is assured. However, clients should understand that in many instances, multiple treatments are necessary for different reasons. This is to help ensure that complete and adequate removal is accomplished. Best of all, laser hair removal and reduction using laser technology are a safe, effective and a fast alternative to dealing with unwanted hair.

Laser Assisted Hair Removal

The laser removal of hair is an innovative and cutting-edge technology that has made the process of removing hair more accessible to more people than ever before. The technique and procedure is safe enough to be used virtually anywhere on the body. From the underarms to the bikini line as well as the back, face, legs and arms, laser assisted hair removal is quickly becoming the method of choice. While electrolysis was long used as the standard method for hair removal, it was often time-consuming and inefficient, where laser techniques are fast, efficient and safe.

The Follicle Is Destroyed While All Surrounding Skin Is Left Unaffected

Lasers use a simple methodology for accomplishing the goal of removing unwanted hair. A laser works by emitting specific forms of light that effectively pass through the skin and that are then effectively absorbed by the target follicle. When this happens the follicle is destroyed while all surrounding skin is left unaffected. Using infrared energy, the follicle of the hair is destroyed to the point where re-growth is highly unlikely. Laser treatment is also unique in that it is able to treat large areas at one time. Contact NEOS MedSpa today to learn more.

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